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NfP 365 Foundation

NfP 365 Foundation is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is dedicated to small and medium-sized charities. It offers pre-configured, core relationship management, marketing and fundraising functionality. This allows for a rapid implementation from a more structured approach, but with the flexibility to extend and increase its breadth of capability as your charity grows and your needs evolve.

No more IT management worries either. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 online service takes care of your data security, disaster recovery and upgrade worries for you, and delivers the whole Cloud-based service with finance-backed service levels.

NfP 365 Foundation Key Features


Relationship Management

Gain a 360-degree view of your charity’s relationship with your supporters, whether these are other organisations, individuals, potential donors, donors or volunteers.

Centralised contact management, with one single source of information visible to fundraising teams, marketing teams, major donor teams and other key stakeholders, allows for improved collaboration within your charity.

nfp-365-essentials-permissions-consentPermissions and Consents

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) have been hot topics of late – namely because as a not-for-profit organisation, if you don’t comply with these regulations and manage you supporter data in a responsible manner, then your charity could face a big fine.

NfP 365 Foundation provides the basis to help you ensure your data is secure and complies with EU data regulations and that individual permissions and consent essential to the compliance process are stored with robust audit trails.

nfp-365-essentials-campaign-managementCampaign Management

People are hit with marketing messages so frequently they can become little more than noise. That means messages need to be personalised, relevant and targeted to make a difference.

NfP 365 Foundation provides you with the information you need to fully understand your supporters and to build strategic campaigns based on this insight – campaigns that turn one-off
donors into life-long supporters. Record your supporters’ preferred communication channels so you are only communicating with them as they choose.

nfp-365-essentials-donations-income-processingDonations and Income Processing

Ensure the efficient and effective processing of income via donations, resolve donation queries and thank your supporters personally for donations with NfP 365 Foundation. Plus, process Direct Debits seamlessly through selected payment gateway partners.

nfp-365-essentials-giftaid-tax-efficient-givingGift Aid and Tax Efficient Giving

Built-in intelligence can identify income that’s eligible for Gift Aid reclaim, so you don’t have to. Using NfP 365 Foundation, you can create a claim and check and audit it before final submission to the tax authorities.


nfp-365-essentials-major-donorsMajor Donors

With NfP 365 Foundation you can easily identify and profile your major donors and create personalised nurture campaigns to build, manage and strengthen your relationship with these important individuals and organisations.

nfp-365-essentials-legacy-recordsLegacy Essentials

NfP 365 Foundation allows you to manage legacy fundraising in a personal and sensitive way – from identifying and targeting potential legacy givers to building relationships with these supporters and managing the registration of the legacy.


Extension options

Financial and retail system integration

Get a 360-degree view of your supporters.

e-marketing integration

Personalise engagement with your supporters.

Social network monitoring

Learn what your supporters are saying about you and join the conversation.

Supporter self-serve portals

Give supporters access to the info they want, when they want it.

Membership management

Identify and look after your members to ensure they turn into life-long supporters.

JustGiving / Virgin Money integration

Profile supporters based on their fundraising activity.


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