• Charity CRM advice for Not-for-Profit marketing

If you’ve yet to make the move across to a sophisticated charity CRM software, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone.

Our CRM experts, who have helped Not-for-Profit organisations such as Oxfam Ireland improve supporter engagement, have identified the following advice when considering a Charity CRM.

œWork with your charity CRM, not against it

Microsoft Dynamics has prioritised the user experience with its latest CRM tool because research shows that the quicker users become familiar with a system, the quicker you will see marketing reports with truthful insights. You have customisable dashboards, Office 365-like-behaviour and super easy menu navigation to thank for that.

œBuild a 360° picture

Your most successful campaigns will be personal and relevant to your supporters. So to keep your campaigns on point, your CRM should provide a comprehensive look into the individual activity of hundreds and thousands of members. Using all previous interactions, social media activity and donation habits will help build a picture of what will work when communicating with supporters.

œKeep up appearances with your supporters

Supporters enjoy the positive news stories about your causes and campaigns, but the traditional challenge you’re faced with is balancing how much news, how often, and by which medium. Each supporter will have a personal preference, and to improve supporter engagement, your communication strategy needs to accommodate individual preferences. By using a single Charity CRM system with marketing automation, the release of your campaign communication is personalised to the individual behaviour of each supporter. And it’s easy to set up too.

With charity CRM software, your fundraising efforts will never have been so on-point.

Here at m-hance, we have preconfigured the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution specifically for charities and Not for Profit organisations to create NfP 365 CRM.

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